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All you need for your WooCommerce store

WooCommerce Theme redefined - Jupiter X WP

Most advanced product loop and product page builder

Exclusive checkout optimizer and sales funnel builder

Most in-depth product filtering options

60+ readymade shop websites

Product Catalog:Beyond what any WooCommerce theme offers!

Customize your product catalog without limits

Build your entire product catalog with a live editor from scratch and customize it for mobile and tablet.

WooCommerce theme - Jupiter X product catalog builder

Design unique product page without limits

Don’t just style your product page within set templates your theme offers. You can now design the whole page template exactly the way you want.

Only in Jupiter X

Advanced product filter widget: Help customers find what they want

Help your customers find what they want lightning fast using Jupiter X’s advanced filtering technology. No matter how large your inventory is.

WooCommerce theme - Jupiter X Product Filtering
Only in Jupiter X

Show smart and personalized product lists

Thanks to advanced product queries you can now personalize your product catalog for every customer based on their shopping behavior and site activity.

WooCommerce theme - Jupiter X Personalized Product Lists

Product Image swap effects

Product Quick View

Side cart view

Custom Archive page layouts

Wishlist Support

Custom templates

6 hover effects for product image

Variation swatches

Only in Jupiter X

Simplify product pages with product variation swatches

Make reviewing variations of your product a delicate visual experience. Use product variation swatches to turn select options fields into radio images, colors and labels.

Checkout Optimization:Customize checkout. Simplify buying. Increase sales.

Only in Jupiter X

Build modern, simple and high converting checkout pages

Use a 100% visual builder to create and customize the look and content of the all checkout pages: checkout, upsell and thank you.

Jupiter X WooCommerce - Checkout Optimization

Default WooCommerce

Jupiter X WooCommerce

Add, remove and reorder checkout form fields

Add custom fields to billing and shipping

Multi-step and Single-step checkout

Only in Jupiter X

Make checking out possible in minutes

Inspired by Shopify, Jupiter X provides the fastest and most friction-free checkout experience for a WooCommerce theme. Use a variety of features to dramatically shorten the form submission and speed up the ordering process.

Jupiter X WooCommerce - Fast Checkout

Default WooCommerce

Jupiter X WooCommerce

Express checkout

Checkout sticky cart option

Skip cart option

Pre-populated form fields

Automatic address lookup

Instant form validation

Checkout Expiry

Pre-filled form for Abandoned users

And much more!

Only in Jupiter X

Boost order value with personalized order bumps and upsells

Suggest highly-targeted order bumps anywhere in the checkout page and dramatically increase average order value. Boost it even further with personalized one-click upsell offers. Personalize your offers based on customer shopping details and dozens of different conditions.

1-Click order Bump

1-click Upsell & Downsell

Create offers based on dozens of conditions

Auto-apply discounts

Auto-apply coupons

Supports all payment gateways

Only in Jupiter X

Thank You page, done your way!

Customize the order confirmation page. Drag and drop your own elements, just like in a regular page, and make it an important part of your sales funnel where more engagements and sales happen.

Only in Jupiter X

Sales funnel builder:Skyrocket sales. Multiply profits.

For the first time ever in a WooCommerce theme, you can now guide your visitors step-by-step through your sales funnel to serve irresistible upsell/downsell offers and automagically turn visitors into customers and repeat customers.

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Save hundreds of dollars every year compared to other sales funnel builders.

Drive a huge impact on your sales without breaking a bank on expensive tools.

Jupiter X

$59 one-off


$300 year


$200 year
Only in Jupiter X

Smart coupons for different user groups

Build, nurture and retain a solid relationship with your customers and increase repeat purchases with smart coupons based on your customer’s shopping behavior and site activity.

Only in Jupiter X

Boost conversion with highly targeted dynamic discounts

Personalize the shopping experience with conditional discounts applied automatically during checkout. Define your own rules and apply discounts based on the customer’s shopping details. Track ROI of discount rules and their effectiveness, measure your discount campaigns using detailed analytics.

Only in Jupiter X

Amplify engagement with smart notices during checkout

Show personalized messages to the customer in Cart, Checkout, Catalog and product single pages to effectively increase the chances of more orders. Show alerts that trigger cognitive biases such as FOMO, loss aversion, hyperbolic discounting and more to improve conversion probability and increase order value. Choose from a variety of conditions to trigger the alert.

Only in Jupiter X

Hyper target your promotions with best-in-class segmentation

Use advanced segmentation to personalize the final price, discount coupons and alerts based on customer geolocation, referring website, shopping behavior and many other attributes. Use the power of Sellkit RFM segment Analysis to group your customers into distinct cohorts.

Only in Jupiter X

Advanced Membership widgets: Craft and customize membership forms

Build your store’s membership forms from the ground up. Drag and drop form fields, just like in a regular page. Include custom fields in registration pages and collect the information that matters.

Registration and Login Form widgets

Password Reset widget

Social login buttons
(Facebook, Twitter, Google)


readymade shop websites: Start selling in minutes!

Only in Jupiter X

Measure your store performance with actionable analytics

Jupiter X WooCommerce features are complemented with advanced analytics. Assess the performance of your store using relevant metrics and insightful charts. Get holistic analytics about engagement and sales in general or performance in specific sections such as sales funnels, coupons, discounts, alerts and more.

Extra features to market your WooCommerce store!

In-depth integration with Facebook Pixel

Assess the performance of your store using relevant metrics and insightful charts. Get holistic analytics about engagement and sales in general or performance in specific sections such as sales funnels, coupons, discounts, alerts and more.

Advanced syncing with Google Analytics

See analytics on critical actions by customers in your Google Analytics reports. Select and unselect what store events you want to sync with Google Analytics events:





Sell, Boost & Personalize
All Within One WooCommerce Theme

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