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WooCommerce Order and Cart Details

Use order and cart details widgets to build custom WooCommerce Thank You pages. Use personalized upselling items, social proof and more to thank in style and trigger more sales.

Cart Details Widget

Customize the appearance of cart details such as color, size, font, spacing, border and more for container and individual items in the cart details.

WooCommerce Thank You Page - Jupiter X Elements

Customize label

Show or hide cart items and thumbnails

Stylize cart items and thumbnails

Order Details Widget

Drag and drop the order details widget in any page and display the information that matters to you and your customer.

Manage order detail items

Customize order details appearance

Customize label

Hyper-personalize WooCommerce Thank You page with dynamic tags

With the powerful shortcode feature, you can add the following keywords anywhere in order details and further personalize WooCommerce thank you pages.

Personal Details

Customer Email
Customer First Name
Customer Full Name
Customer Last Name
Customer Phone
Customer Provided Note
Customer User ID

Order Details

Order Billing Address
Order Billing Country
Order Date
Order Item Count
Order Number
Order Payment Method
Order Shipping Address
Order Shipping Method
Order Status
Order Total

Trigger more sales with smart coupons right in the order details

Build a better relationship with your customers with highly personalized deals, coupons and offers based on shopping behavior, cart details, demographics and more.