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WooCommerce Product Filters

Jupiter X Product Filter widget offers the widest variety of filters, in-depth customization, visual product attribute swatches and a super fast response time to give your customers the ultimate filtering experience
Widest variety of product filters on the market
Custom Attributes Swatches

Add visual product variation swatches such as
images, colors, buttons and radios to help customers
choose their variations easier

WooCommerce Product Filters - Jupiter X

Show product categories as filters with the number of available items in each category. Display categories
inside the filter in different styles


Let users filter products by product tag within 5 different list styles


Add product price filters as checkbox list, button or link. With custom range options users can filter the products based on their budget

Product Rating

Let users filter products by rating to promote high-rated products!

Search Text

Let customers search within the criteria that you define (title, content, category, tag, attribute)

On Sale

Let users filter for only on-sale products

Stock Status

Let users filter items based on their stock status

Fully customizable filters
Customize every detail
Create vertical and horizontal filters
Add clear filters button
Show number of products for each taxonomy
Create and manage all filters from one widget
Show/hide sub categories
Order items by different factors (name, count, ID, custom)
Exclude specific items from your filters
Show items in single or multi-column style
Enable toggling for field groups
Use and/or logic to define if results should meet all or any of the chosen filters