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Build Advanced WordPress Forms In a Flash

Use Jupiter X Form Builder to build forms for lead generation, membership sites and user profile editing.

Jupiter X Form Builder

Drag&Drop and Real-time editor

Built-in Form creation tool

Precise Targeting

Visually design and customize WordPress forms

Build your own forms the way you want, with your own structure, layout and styling. Change everything from colors to typography, border thickness and more in a completely visual editor.

Jupiter X Form Builder

12+ field types to collect any kind of data

With the Jupiter X form builder, you can get information in a wide range of fields including text, email, select, text area, telephone number, date, time, checkbox, radio, address and file upload.

Diverse range of form submit actions

Jupiter X Form Builder allow you to connect your WordPress form to your favorite platforms, including Mailchimp, Hubspot, Slack, ActiveCampaign and Growmatik. You can also submit a post, register and update users, call a webhook and more.

WordPress Forms - Jupiter X Form Builder
Only in Jupiter X

Advanced Membership widgets: Craft and customize membership forms

Build your WooCommerce store’s membership forms from the ground up. Drag and drop form fields, just like in a regular page. Include custom fields in registration pages and collect the information that matters.

WordPress Forms - Jupiter X Membership Forms

Registration and Login Form widgets

Create highly customized login and registration forms and place them wherever you need.

Password Reset widget

No need to use the default WordPress password reset form or install a plugin. Everything’s included in Jupiter X!

Social login buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Google)

Let users login and register with their social media accounts on your website.

Custom feedback messages

Quickly add and remove form fields and select each field’s width. The Jupiter X Form Builder lets you simply drag and drop the fields to reorder them.

Create user profile editing forms

Create membership websites and let users edit their profile with forms built with Jupiter X! Create user profiles for agents in a real estate website or any other kind of website you need to have profiles in.

Add custom post type in front end

Let website visitors submit new posts of any type using Jupiter X forms. For example, create a real estate listing website and allow visitors to submit their own properties!

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