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WooCommerce Products

Build amazing product catalogs with unlimited customization, personalized product lists, variation swatches, hover animations and more.

Visually build and customize every section of your WooCommerce products catalog

Customize every detail

(colors, size, font, icon, spacing and more)

WooCommerce Products - Jupiter X
Display or hide every element in product catalog

Show or hide the elements you need according to your design.

Reorder product’s elements

Drag & drop the elements in your product catalog the way you like.

Define rows, columns, width & height
Change the background color of products
Adjust the gap between products
Adjust product image size
Add stylish borders
Add different pagination styles
Add shadow to product boxes
Customize Add to Cart button

Boost engagement with WooCommerce products using personalized products

Exclusive to Jupiter X powerful product builder, you can personalize
your product lists based on a variety of factors including customer
shopping behavior.

Specific Products
Products by ID
Products Categories
Product Tags

Cross-Sell to the Existing Product Page
Cross-Sell to Products in the Cart
Cross-Sell to Customer’s Previously Visited Products
Cross-Sell to Past Orders


Most Ordered Products
Most Recently Ordered Products


Upsell to the Existing Product Page
Upsell to Products in the Cart
Upsell to Customers Previously Visited Products 
Upsell to Past Orders


Related to Existing Product Page
Related to Products in the Cart
Related to Customer’s Previously Visited Products
Related to Customer’s Recent Ordered Products

Simplify product browsing experience with variation swatches

Add visual product variation swatches to your product list to give customers a better idea of its variations without the need to go inside the product profile.

More options to make more relevant product lists

Sort and order products
Showcase your promotional products
Skip over posts

Use offset settings to pass over posts.

Add and customize wishlist button
Add and customize Sales badge
Add and customize Out of Stock badge
Add Image swap effect

Show alternative images for a product on mouse hover with smooth and pleasant swap effects.

Add and customize product quick view