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Layout Tools

Control Your Entire Website From One Place

Visually manage layouts

Conditional layout display

Multiple layouts

Experience full site editing the right way

Customize every part of your site without coding using Jupiter X Layout Builder. Build, preview, and manage headers, footers, singles, archives, search results, and more from one screen.

Create and manage multiple layouts for different sections

Easily manage templates for standard WordPress sections (single, archive, search, 404) and WooCommerce pages (account, order details, archive, catalog, single product).





Search Result

Error 404

Conditionally show different layout in diffrent webside sections

Include or exclude templates on different website sections, such as specific archive or product pages. You can even have different headers for logged-in users and regular visitors!

Build custom headers andfooters

Create unlimited headers and footers to be used either globally or in specific sections of your WordPress website.

Infinitely customize single post layout

Customize layouts for blog, portfolio, product, and author single pages, globally or just for specific posts.

Creat custom archive pages for every post type

Customize Archive layouts for blog and portfolio posts, categories, tags, authors, and more.

Craft e-ve-ry WooCommerce layout!

Create multiple layouts and define display criteria with conditional logic, unlike the WordPress block editor.

Create useful and appealing 404 pages

Move beyond generic 404 pages. Make 404 pages your own by visually customizing it to your wish and add useful content that matches your SEO strategy.

Make the search result page your own

Jazz up your Search Results page by customizing it with a range of widgets to enhance user experience.

Create custom maintenance pages

Create engaging and functional maintenance pages with your own custom design.

Build dynamic layouts without a single line of code!

Easily create custom post types, taxonomies, listings, event templates, calendars, and booking websites. All visual. No code.

7 dynamic elements

from text to image to fields to create custom dynamic layouts

17 custom field types

to enter different types of data in custom post types backend

6 custom listing layouts

Grid, Injections, Slider, Map, Calendar, Carousel

Customize every corner of your website